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Bank accept


Dental Fees may be paid in cash or by bank axept card (not credit card).
By prior agreement, payment via invoice can be arranged.


Sometimes unexpected expenses occur, like an aching tooth turning into a root canal treatment, or a tooth breaking and needing urgent attention. Such non-regular expenses can cause stress.

Halden Tannhelsesenter AS offers you the possibilty of downpayments through Cresco Access. The downpayment agreement holds a starter fee, determined by amount and downpayment period.

To make use of the offer we require that you establish, or already have established a Cresco Access account. Information about terms and prices for Cresco Access can be found here.


Some types of treatment are entitled to be partially reimbursed by HELFO. We have direct settlement with HELFO, which means that patient pays the fee minus the refunded amount. We will inform you if you're entitled to make use of this arrangement. The types of treatment eligible for reimbursement include prosthetic implants, periodontitis treatment and other medical conditions.

Read more about reimbursable dental costs here.

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